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If you have a preferred charity then you can log onto Wanda SLSC’s purpose built charity site and build your very own fundraising page. You can even build a whole team of fundraisers!

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Wanda Surf Life Saving Club Inc







Funds raised from the Tradies Sutherland 2 Surf are vital to the effective running of Wanda Surf Life Saving Club. Without these funds Wanda SLSC would not be able to undertake their role as volunteer surf lifesavers, protecting people on Wanda Beach. The Tradies S2S is a massive feat and made possible due to dedicated volunteer club members and lifesavers. The costs are significant to organise a fun run and walk event of this nature. Support from the community and sponsors all helps to make this event possible. Thank you to the community who support this event by entering the race, fundraise via the Ever Giving Program or by making a donation to Wanda SLSC.

Wanda SLSC is also a registered charity and prides itself on being a community based charity. Wanda SLSC also partners with and supports other charities via the Tradies Sutherland 2 Surf. Please support our Charity Partner, Civic – Disabilities Services and Support Organisation for people with disabilities.


Achilles Sydney, a club run by volunteers, exists to enable people with a disability to benefit from regular exercise and to take part in community running and walking events.

Our emphasis is on fitness and fun and on encouraging our members to set and achieve life-changing goals. Members and their volunteer guides enthusiastically support each other, whether walking in their first 5K event or chasing new personal bests.

We are excited about being the 2019 PAYCE S2S Charity Partner and taking part in the fun run & walk. We invite you to help us by donating through the ‘Give Now’ button. Please share our page with friends and family and look out for our distinctive yellow t-shirts along the course! #GoAchilles.

The Love Mercy Foundation is a local Shire charity founded by Rio Olympian Eloise Wellings. Love Mercy work in Northern Uganda to restore villages after years of devastating civil war. They provide education to orphans, agricultural loans to women, and have built a health clinic and hospital using funds raised by previous PAYCE Sutherland 2 Surf fundraisers.

This year, our fundraisers will be running to bring clean water to communities in northern Uganda that don’t currently have access to a safe, clean water source. Women walk up to 10km 3 x per day to get to a water source, and most of the time it isn’t even clean. Clean water can restore a village and bring new hope life, eliminating water-borne sickness and disease. So far, fundraisers have funded 10 new bore holes in northern Uganda. We are excited to aim for 10 more this year. Will you join us?

Why not enter a team in the PAYCE Sutherland 2 Surf for Love Mercy?

  1. Register online to enter the PAYCE Sutherland 2 Surf.
  2. Sign up as a participant or part of a team here and register.
  3. Customise your profile and dashboard and send the link to family and friends.
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