Step 1: Register Online
1. Simply select your distance. This year, we’re mixing it up a bit, giving you 3 events to choose from:

  • Tradies 11km Classic
  • Veolia Family 5km
  • Macca’s Junior 2km Dash

2. A race bib will be available for you to download once you register

Step 2: Download the STRAVA App
1. Whilst there will be no official timing this year, we encourage you to join the Tradies Virtual S2S Strava Club so you can be involved in the S2S Leaderboard.
2. You can also use Strava to track your training runs and set your goals.
3. It’s free for everyone

Step 3: Choose to Fundraise
1. Create your own fundraising profile when you register via Everyday Hero and help raise funds for Wanda SLSC or a charity of your choice!

Step 4: Record your Run!
1. Complete on your chosen race distance over the 7th, 8th & 9th August recording your run with your phone via the Strava App or by using your GPS-enabled running watch linked to Strava.
2. Once you have completed your distance, you’ve crossed the virtual finish line! Your result will be uploaded to the Strava Leaderboard and you can see how you compared to others in your age group over that distance.

Step 5: Share your Achievement
1. Tag @sutherland2surf, @S2S_wandaslsc, and use the hashtag #tradiesS2S to share your results.

The Tradies Sutherland 2 Surf is Wanda’s flagship annual fundraising event and represents the very essence of what our club is about – Community. Your participation means we can continue to provide invaluable Lifesaving services to the community.

Let’s do this together!

Tradies Virtual Sutherland 2 Surf
make it your own!